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Still Spirits Essential Oil Extractor
and Water Distillation Unit

This unit functions as both a reflux still for thorough water purification, and a pot still for extracting essential oils, fragrances, and essences from plant material.

We encounter essential oils and essences in products such as food, soap, perfume, massage oil, potpourri, and candles. Many people use these oils and essences for homeopathic medicine and aromatherapy. Thyme, mint, rosemary, rose, jasmine, juniper berry, citrus peel, sandalwood, and eucalyptus are a short list of plants you might consider using. By extracting your own oils and essences you will know exactly what you are getting. We have books that discuss the practical aspects of essence and oil extraction. Plant guides should be consulted before experimenting with plants that have unknown properties.

Although this unit can distill pure water, most people prefer drinking water with a mineral content similar to spring water. Nevertheless, distilled water has its uses, and it's nice to know you have access to pure water.

The 25-liter model runs on standard household current.

Instructions for use.

WARNING: Using this unit to distill alcohol is against Federal laws
as well as most, if not all, state and local laws
even if it is for your own personal consumption. Legalities

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EX-25 $475.99 12.1

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