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Brewer's 6-row Malt, American
Schreier Malting

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Light Munich Malt, German
Weyermann Malting

American Light Munich Malt

8.0 - 12.0 lovibond, Briess Malting

Light Munich Malt provides a modest color increase toward the golden to orange hues.

It adds a pronounced malty, grainy flavor to beers without adding non-fermentables or affecting the foam stability and body. Small amounts added to the mash-in will improve the malty flavor and give a richer color to low gravity brews.

For low gravity beer, use 2 - 5% Light Munich Malt.

For Pale Ales and Canadian Lagers, use 3 - 7% Light Munich Malt.

For amber-colored and Marzen beers, use 5 - 15% Light Munich Malt to obtain a malty, grainy flavor.
3 - 10% Crystal Malt is used in these styles to round out the flavor, give color and body.

For Bocks and dark-colored beers, use 10 - 30% Light Munich Malt to provide the robust malty, grainy flavor characteristic of this type of beers.

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Useful in weighing grains.

Nylon Grain Bag

Used to hold specialty malts. Helps to eliminate amount of straining following the boiling process.  Reusable.

Muslin Bag

Used to hold specialty malts to minimize the straining process.

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