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Who is Alternative Beverage

Alternative Beverage is one of the best kept secrets in the homebrew & winemaking world.

We have been in business for 50+ years under the same ownership and we are the oldest continuously operationing retail homebrew store in the USA.

Our retail & mail order operation in located outside of Charlotte NC in a 10,000 sq ft venue.

We publish a weekly newsletter every Friday.

Our walk-in freezer is 20'x20'.

We stock over 100 varieties of malt & adjuncts and

over 100 varieties of hops which are available in 8 different sizes ranging from 1/2oz to 1lb.

We stock close to 200 wine kits including Winexpert and RJSagnols.

Our stock includes almost 6ooo SKU's.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders $60+

Retail customers always get discounts on orders $10+ with beer club, seniors, military & first responders getting additional discounts.

We include FREE gel packs with liquid yeast.

Our cheapest homebrew kit is $75.

We have close to 200 homebrew recipes in both extract versions and all-grain versions.

We host Big Brew on the first Saturday in May.

We hose Mead Day on the first Saturday in August

We hose Cider Saturday on the first Saturday in November when we bring in over 6 tons of apples which we crush and juice for patrons.


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